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We offer two programmes:

Creative Living

This programme is designed to reawaken and harness the creativity in you. Having the creative idea is not enough, the challenge is always to make it happen. Together we’ll guide you through continuous practice in divergent thinking. The programme will help you become more confident, driven and focussed – in order to achieve real success in your professional and personal life. 


Together we explore and analyse your:

– Personality*

– Values

– Passion

– Motivation

– Unique compass for creative living

This programme typically consists of 7 to 9 one-hour sessions.

Please contact us for more details. 

Creative Leadership

If you’re in charge of a team, or a whole department, the challenges are different than working on your own. Together we’ll rekindle a new awareness and explore ways to sharpen leadership skills and get teams working more productively. This executive coaching programme focusses on a different way of lateral thinking, from problem solving to envisioning a prosperous future — to achieve greatness and self-fulfilment.

Together we explore and analyse your:

– Leadership profile**

– Personality*

– Leadership values

– Creativity

– Communication

– Vision

This programme typically consists of 7 or more one-hour sessions, on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly schedule.

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