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Success requires clarity of goals and direction, determination, vision and commitment. Yet the real success happens only in juncture with fulfilment.


There is no doubt in my mind that everyone can achieve such an ideal union of heart and will. I have helped many creative people to set themselves up on this rewarding trajectory.


Contact me if you wish to be the next one.

Bespoke offers customised coaching according to the wishes and needs of the individual, or team/organisation


Bespoke Coaching also offers workshops tailored to specific desires, needs and/or situations.

Based in Amsterdam, Bespoke sessions can be conducted in an environment that suits you.




If you need
a sparring partner to find a solution or discuss an idea? Take a brainstorm session. 

Personal success

Reassess your next moves. Create 

unique way of achieving real success in your creative life.

Leadership success

Find out what is your leadership style and learn how to trigger the strengths of your workforce.



Create an understanding of the dynamics in your team and

a clear vision of where the team is heading.

On going


Boost your energy and bring back your focus, all through the year, whenever you need it. 


Helping you focus on building your creative life with confidence and a sense of direction.

Hello, I’m Joanna Stone, founder of Bespoke Coaching. I’m a certified personal coach, specialising in empowering people and teams to achieve creative and professional satisfaction.

I believe coaching works best if it’s personal, frank and plainspoken. I treat my clients as equal partners. I trust their instincts and their abilities to find their own solutions. I offer my expertise and guidance to help remove self-doubt and fear, and to find the courage to take empowered steps.

I have previously worked in the creative sector. I know how challenging creative work can be with its long hours, long weeks, exposure and vulnerability. I have a long-standing admiration for the sensitivity, imagination and dedication often seen in people working creatively. Yet I notice that these same qualities sometimes make them vulnerable to critique, inner doubts and setbacks.

Hence my mission in life is to reawaken the potential of individuals and teams; to help you focus on things that matter and pursue your creative living with confidence. In short, to bring your smile back.


“If you ever need to find your strength again, reconnect with your talent or your focus, Joanna is the one. For me Joanna is the first person who truly gets creatives. Maybe because she’s married to one, or maybe she’s just so incredible talented at what she does.”

Jona Rotting


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