Although I am very grateful for the kind words below from my clients, I need to state here that its mainly thanks to their openness, determination and hard work that they’ve achieved what they’ve set themselves up for. I feel privileged to have worked with them during their transformative times. 

“Joanna provided much needed advice and inspiration regarding the switch in my creative career from full-time to freelance while, at the same time, expecting the birth of my first child at any moment. Now, a few years later with 2 kids and a successful freelance career, the process would have been almost impossible without her.”


Rodger Hoefel

Creative Director, Designer & Illustrator




“About five years ago I lost my job at an ad agency. Should I dive back into fulltiming, or try and write a second book? Joanna was key in making me realise I could take the plunge. I’m grateful for her diligence, clear listening and the exercises she made me do that helped align my ambitions with reality.”

Sidney John Vollmer

Copywriter & Author




“Joanna is a great coach. She guided me through my journey with real know-how, knowing when to dig deeper and when to provide support. Together we put good foundations in place to manage my next step and thanks to Joanna I feel like I have real insight into my working (and personal) self along the practical tools to use when needed that I use often. She works with rigor, expertise but also kindness, it has been an extremely positive experience for me and has greatly helped me and my professional career.”

Charlotte Stothert





“It took me quite some time to find someone capable of understanding creative processes, as well as Joanna does. She has helped me tremendously in finding my focus and keeping it, getting priorities right, finding the right working routine and helping me facing all challenges that come along with creativity. Joanna is an intelligent, gentle but powerful person, who simply enabled me to go from many ideas to a clearly defined project and planning. I strongly recommend her, feel free to reach out if you would like me to share my experience.”

Renée Koudstaal 


“If you ever need to find your strength again, reconnect with your talent or your focus, Joanna is the one. She will definitely shift your view, together with you. For me Joanna is the first person who truly gets creatives. Maybe because she’s married to one, or maybe she’s just so incredible talented at what she does; it’s the combination of knowledge, gut feeling and personal contact. Joanna is surprisingly sharp, friendly and inviting to talk to. Every meeting had valuable insights. So as you can read… I’m a true fan.”

Jona Rotting

Art Director / Designer 

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