The creative sector is a wonderful place of inspiration and fun. Yet with its fast pace changes and endless chase for the next big thing, it can become very challenging. Maybe you're figuring out what is the best next move in your career. Or maybe the passion that you used to have for your work seems to have drained out. Perhaps you became divided between the different commitments. You start to question what you are doing and how. You might have motivation and fulfilment issues. You ask: is this the life I want to live? Am I happy?

Reassuringly, it’s quite normal to ask these questions. And it’s natural to be figuring them out together with the person who can help you cut through the nonsense of your own inner critic. 


If you want more freedom and enjoyment in your creative endeavours, start from taking ownership of your next steps towards building a life that works for You.


I’m here to help you along the way.


Bespoke offers customised coaching according to the wishes and needs of the individual, team or organisation


Bespoke Coaching can be conducted with a face-to-face meeting, via a telephone/Skype call and fully online with communication via email. Team coaching or group coaching aiming to implement changes or improve communication between the members is also an option. In addition, Bespoke offers workshops tailored to specific desires, needs and/or situations.

Based in Amsterdam, Bespoke is available to assist you anywhere – in the comfort of your own home or office, for example – and at (almost) any time around the world.

All Bespoke conversations and sessions are treated with the utmost confidence and sensitivity.


How does it work? ​

Everyone has different needs and different coaching questions. Hence the pace and the number of sessions can vary. I use the Cognitive Behavioural approach with a mix of popular tools like ABC model (REBT), SMART goals, Strength profile, Enneagram Type Assessment and my own exercises to inspire self-reflection, creativity and personal will to achieve what you set up yourself for.

The individual coaching path can take one of the four forms:


Brainstorm session


If you need someone to bounce your ideas off, someone with a specific knowledge of the creative industry, we can meet for a 90 min long session. It will be a focused on one question, fast pace session that will give you necessary insights or an action plan you can then realise on your own.

Personal success program


No matter if you’re a newbie or a mature professional in the creative field, there are times you need to stop, look, listen and reassess your next moves. This is necessary for your career and your future success.

After defining the coaching question, typically we move on to a core motivation assessment – the Enneagram. It enables us to quickly and accurately determine the areas that require our absolute attention. It allows us to work on the coaching goal not only from the superficial behavioural perspective, but the deep and sustainable one, breaking effectively the unsuccessful patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.


This program takes on average 7-9 sessions of 60min each.


Leadership success program


Are you in charge of a creative team, department or a whole organisation? Maybe you have been just offered such position, after working as a creative for a number of years?


This program will help you understand what is your predominant leadership style and what are your potential pitfalls. We begin with an extended version of the Enneagram assessment and look into your unique motivations and ways of dealing with main strategic leadership issues such as: communication style, conflict resolution, decision-making, dealing with complexity, teamwork, engagement and giving and receiving feedback.


This program requires 7 or more sessions with weekly, bi-monthly or monthly meetings of 60-75min each.


Online course


Lead fully via email it’s an option for those who want flexibility and are looking for a more inexpensive coaching option.


Over the 7 weeks we’ll explore virtually how you can focus on building your creative life with confidence and sense of direction. We’ll analyse 3 main elements crucial to your success: what you want to achieve, why you want it and how to make it happen.


Every week you’ll receive one or more tasks and a set of questions to help you fulfil it. You’ll get some additional materials to read or to listen that will be helpful in that process. Deadline for it will be the 5th day of each week. I’ll be giving you feedback within 24 hours from receiving your email, with potentially few additional questions to consider.


It will be a structured yet also dynamic process, where 7 weeks will define our steps, but the exact tasks will depend on what you actually need.



Teams / Organisations


These days organisations rely on creative thinkers for their success, relevance and even survival. Still even the most creative members can struggle to work with other members. Effective communication, building trust and strong relationships, understanding individual differences and interpersonal dynamics is important to grow todays’ businesses. At the core of my services is my thinking around:

- systems and patterns (interdependence)

- culture of purpose and mutual benefits

- vertical development

I believe in order to succeed, teams need to consist of self aware, skilled and motivated individuals. Yet strong individuals don’t necessary translate into strong teams. People often hold competing agendas and struggle to communicate effectively. Through building high levels of trust and openness I help create readiness to investigate main issues that affect team work. I work on the light side as well as the dark side of team building, and help people address their truth vs. mere positive or negative attitudes.

In order to become a partner in helping teams to go forward I look for an alignment between the organisational values and myself. This allows me carry out my work with authenticity, quickly building trust and valuable connection with team members. 

My mission in life is to reawaken the potential of individuals and teams; to help them focus on things that matter and pursue their creative goals with confidence.

Outline/ Composition

Each program is tailored to specific desires, needs and/or situations. It’s a balance between 1-on-1 coaching sessions and group workshops. I always begin with a briefing session wanting to understand not only the current problem, but the whole system, what is the mission and vision of the company and where the business is headed. Only then can I propose a bespoke outline of the coaching process.

Please contact me to find our what works best for you.

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