• Joanna Stone

Grayson Perry - Doing it Badly in a Right Way

Great insights into creative life of one of the most important British artists.

"What do artists do? They notice stuff" said Grayson Perry. If it was that easy we all would be artists, wouldn't we be? I have to admit that living with a creative person showed me otherwise. There is something particular in the way my husband sees things. At times it seems closer to how my 4 years old daughter perceives reality, noticing small shiny pebbles or curious looking objects and people around. Not to mention staring at them without any sign of shame. At other times it seems like his ability to grasp many subjects and his knowledge about the world from serious to trivial matters, extends the so called standard, including my own. Now, my husband is not Grayson Perry, but it's hard not to notice how creative people hold often this in common - having an eye to see the odd details of life, talent or skill to transform it, and courage to present it to public.

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